Photo: Tom Lev
Chen Samara and Johnny Dosse are checking the spectacular color range in the studio. Photo: Tom Lev

No matter if it’s your first time in New York, or you forgot when was your first time, you must go and treat yourself and join one of the professional and chic makeup classes, offered by Johnny Dosse and his partner Yiftach Ritov, ex flight attendant in ELAL Israeli airlines.
The new and for sure one of the coolest attraction in the fashion capitol of the world, is taking place at a state of the art studio, located in Meat Packing district – the renovated and stylish neighborhood in the big apple.
Johnny Dosse, a promising makeup artist, with a rich resume that includes working with BEYONCE in her world tour – “I AM…” launching a makeup classes inside the impressive studio of INGLOT cosmetic company.
The class targets a range of audiences, from every day women to professional corporate companies employees, in an individual one on one session, or a class for larger groups.

INGLOT studio inside CHELSEA MARKET. Photo: Tom Lev
INGLOT studio inside CHELSEA MARKET. Photo: Tom Lev

Lately Johnny designed special classes for airline companies answering the specific needs and requirements of the flight attendants world that is identified with long hour flights working in different time zones and a radical air environment.
The class starts with a general briefing and getting to know the attendants. Then Johnny takes each individual and jump into the rich world of colors and beauty – from choosing the right tones together with the client, based of his professional knowledge of matching colors and the preferred ones of the client. Johnny explain in details about the whole process of applying the makeup, gives tips based of his rich knowledge and teaches step by step how to apply it. Johnny is not trying to sell any product. His focus is in creating personal and amazing looks.

Michal Dolev, a flight attendant in ELAL Israeli airlines, who took part of one of the classes says – “the walls are full of jars, tubes and pencils, like a buffet, you free to reach your hand and touch everything. Johnny takes you behind the scenes of the makeup and beauty industry and teaches you, step by step, in a very simple yet logical way his moves, to a point that you can really repeat his amazing moves and create your amazing looks by yourself when the class is over. Johnny also explains about the brushes and other tools. In the past, I was afraid to let other people to do my makeup, but with Johnny – the touch was so gentle and soft and I find myself devoted to him even when he worked on my eyes”. Michal says that she usually does her makeup in a very simple routine – “but Johnny gave me tons of tips, based on my own desired colors, and show me how to create the perfect look for me, using his personal professional choices that I was never thought about, and mixed them with my own taste, in such harmonic way”.

"Its fun to treat yourself with makeup class and produces". Photo: Tom Lev
“Its fun to treat yourself with makeup class and produces”. Photo: Tom Lev

The concept of the class is based on collaboration between Dosse, a promising independent makeup artist, who made a long mileage of experience in the makeup and the fashion industry and the INGLOT studio. Johnny gives full attention for each individual and gives him or her the relevant tips. The communication with the client is the key of reaching the perfect individual look – the ability to listen to the client’s desires from one side and the willing of learning and absorbing Johnny’s tips from the other side. At that kind of class, the client wont sit and write like in school but he will participant, touch, hold and try on hands. Johnny also uses the services of Tracy – a charming lady who comes and help with the hair styling. The makeup, the hair and also the knowledge about skincare make the day so perfect. In the end of the class the participants can buy their desired products (makeup by INGLOT and skincare by ARTISTRY) in an attractive discounts and affordable prices.

Michal Dolev – no need to say what is before and what is after… Photo: Tom Lev
Michal Dolev – no need to say what is before and what is  after… Photo: Tom Lev. Edit: Yiftach Ritov

The studio is located inside CHELSEA MARKET, at the 5th floor. This whole site gives you a perfect day in this amazing city – after the makeup class you can visit the other parts of the CHELSEA MARKET and enjoy the fashionable stores and the celebration of tastes and smells from the food stands and restaurants.
The price of the class is very attractive – for 50$ you can get assents of real New York – New York that usually you can see only in the fashion magazines, TV shoes and movies – and if you lucky enough, you might be watching a real fashion photo shooting set, taking place at the other side of the studio.
Michal sums up her experience – “I came a little skeptic. But right away, when I saw the studio, the colors, and when I met Johnny – everything went beyond my thoughts. The experience was amazing, pleasant and rich. I recommend the class for everyone. Johnny is not only a makeup artist but also a great teacher. Even if you been in a makeup class before, you will enjoy gaining new knowledge and tips, in a personal, pleasant agenda. I’m looking forward to my next class with Johnny. In one word – Johnny is an ARTIST, and makeup is an ART”.

So how do you make an appointment for the class?

Just pick up the phone, call or text to

Johhny Dosse: +1-917-945-0663 or Yiftach Ritov: +1-954-330-6390

Or thru email

[email protected] or [email protected]

Johnny’s website –

Translated and edited by Yiftach Ritov